RBB, that's a good point. I think maybe my hair is happy that it's getting a dose of moisture plus getting to "breathe." I didn't realize how much volume my thin hair could achieve, but I think it was smothered under gel. I like the voluminous, soft look that I'm getting with the leave-in.

I'm modCG. I use a low-poo and ACV because I have extremely hard water and found that it built up on my hair with just co-washing. I'm hoping this new finding will keep working. Now as for sealants, is that like the coconut oil, or do you use something else?
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i only use a sealant if i absolutely have to, like dew points under 10, and i guess extremely high ones. i've been using jane carter nourish & shine. i think you can also use coconut oil. i did use spiral solutions emolient butters last year, but then she changed the fragrance and i just could not tolerate it. however, any day now shantelle is coming out with a whole new fragrance line -- essential oils -- and i am thinking about buy the emolient again as i liked the way it worked on my hair.
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