Timely for me. Last night I did a PT with Kpak and then just used olive oil with a little SSDD. My hair is incredibly soft today and the curls are holding their own - even though I keep playing with my curls (cause they're so soft!). And I got the best root curl I've had since winter hit. The olive oil left it a little greasy looking so will try it tomorrow with just conditioner.
54, mix of 3a, 2b,c, with the occasional straight strand thrown in to keep things interesting. Low porosity. Very fine!

HG: CJCF Never lets me down.
Others I Like: DevaCurl One Co, CHSCK, Giovanni Smooth as Silk, SSDD, AnGel, DevaCurl No Poo, Elucence Moisture Balancing Condish, Curls Like Us towels.

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