I really think that depending on the hair type-- you'll get a different answer everytime. SS IMO is made for wavies, wurlies and looser curlies (or it works optimally in these groups). CJ IMO is a more well-rounded and developed line that almost every type and texture can find several things to use and love.

-SS beats CJ in terms of playing with other products well. I've never had a bad reaction using my SS stuff with drugstore or boutiquey stuff.
-CJ beats SS in terms of formulation. Marsha is just Marsha is just.. Marsha.
- SS is cheaper, but CJ lasts longer (for me anyway-- b/c of the formulation I suspect. I dont need as much).

Who wins? CJ for me.

but I still have drawer's full of Shantelle's stuff in my house. LOLOL!
Type: 3c with some 4a highlighted
Low porosity thick/coarse texture. nml elasticity
Routine: No rules, just happy hair

Cleanse: CJDF, Prell, LUSH Curly Wurly, Bobeam
LI/RO:BBB, CJ, SheaM, HEHIS, Garnier, KBN Shealoe, CD Chocolat, Oyin HH
Styling: CJ, CR, UFD, Zuresh, Ecostyler,MJ