Hello hello,
Just wondering if anyone could weigh in on my little dilemma.
I posted a while ago about stopping the dye and letting the grey grow in. I haven't dyed since the end of October. It was pretty uncomfortable to have the roots just all out there, especially over all the holiday events, but I managed. I've been wearing headbands/ball caps to school. I did cut it into a bob over the holidays - I chopped off at least 12 inches!

Here's the issue: I just found out that I have to attend an event for work in March. I was counting on not having to see anyone for work until August, when my start date is. I figured by then I could properly evaluate how the grey looks and cut out any of the dyed hair left, if need be. I have to wear a suit for the event and a headband or scarf just won't work. Do I have any options? If I do a semi-permanent dye, will I just set my progress way back? Will it wash out completely?
pw: curlie