Hello hello,
Just wondering if anyone could weigh in on my little dilemma.
I posted a while ago about stopping the dye and letting the grey grow in. I haven't dyed since the end of October. It was pretty uncomfortable to have the roots just all out there, especially over all the holiday events, but I managed. I've been wearing headbands/ball caps to school. I did cut it into a bob over the holidays - I chopped off at least 12 inches!

Here's the issue: I just found out that I have to attend an event for work in March. I was counting on not having to see anyone for work until August, when my start date is. I figured by then I could properly evaluate how the grey looks and cut out any of the dyed hair left, if need be. I have to wear a suit for the event and a headband or scarf just won't work. Do I have any options? If I do a semi-permanent dye, will I just set my progress way back? Will it wash out completely?
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i think you will be sorry if you use any color, semi permanent or not. my daughter had semi permanent put into her hair to cover gray, was supposed to wash out in a few weeks... it's almost 3 years, and the last few inches of her hair are an orange...

try experimenting with styles. i saw one, i think on goinggraylookinggray.com once that i thought was so cute. she had very narrow braids just in the front part of her head, and then her hair, grey, fell into the back, black, but the style was soooo very pretty. if i can find it, i'll post it here.
for one night, it is not worth setting yourself all the way back. and, lots of people are letting their grey come in now, so it's kind of 'in.' honestly, i thought my hair look weird, scary, but i had many, many people friends, and STRANGERS, walking up to me to tell me how much they liked it!
and, confidence is really all you need!
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