i think you will be sorry if you use any color, semi permanent or not. my daughter had semi permanent put into her hair to cover gray, was supposed to wash out in a few weeks... it's almost 3 years, and the last few inches of her hair are an orange...
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THIS!! I did the same thing when my gray roots started coming in - bought a semi/demi/whatever permanent color that said it would wash out in 3 weeks but didn't. I got so disgusted that I decided to stop coloring cold turkey. But now, I have 2 inches of gray roots, a weird orangey-brown stripe about an inch wide, and dark brown to the ends. Not attractive!! I would be so much happier if I hadn't done that semi-permanent color.

I agree with rbb - if you just find a cute yet professional style to wear your hair in and ROCK IT, you'll be fine. I tried on a headband last night and loved how it looked - gray hair up to the headband, wild brown curls behind it to the ends - it looked fierce, and I can't wait to wear it to work like that. At this work event you have, people will form opinions of you based on your personality and confidence, not your hair color. If you go in there and rock what you got (TM justajesuschick), you'll be fine!
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