i don't always use only conditioner leave in as a styler, but i frequently do, and this winter have almost exclusively done so, using ss dd as my leave in. in extremely low dewpoints, i do use a sealant on top when i sotc.
if you think about it, curly hair needs lots of moisture, and when it has the right amount, it curls pretty much to it's potential.

i find that my hair is softer, much less likely to frizz for some strange reason.

i do use stylers from time to time, one of which i use as a styler is beauticurls leave in conditioner! that really pumps up my curls.
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When you use the ss dd as a leave in do you use anything on top....is this when you use a sealant (what do you use as a sealant)?
3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.