Hello All! I am VERY new to transitioning. My last relaxer was on 01/16/2011, which was about 3 going on 4 weeks ago. I am SO very excited to be long term transitioning! Just wondering if anyone has suggestions, comments, etc?<---Things that will help me complete a successful transitioning?
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Stick with it. I've only been transitioning for about 5 months. And sometimes it can be hard...but only because hair is hair...it does what it wants some days.

This place && youtube keep me going strong. There are a lot of videos and what not showing you how to do protective styles with low-to-no manipulation. They also show other girls throughout their hair journey and products they use.

Youtube channels: NikkiMae2003 , jerseystylezz , KandeeLovesYa , msvaughn , prettydimples01 , seemyhealthyhair and SOOOOOOOOOO MANY MORE! All these girls on youtube are SUCH an inspiration to me! Some did do the big chop but there are a lot who are long term transitioners!

I have learned a lot about my hair even though I do get frustrated as from the earlier post that I posted. lol but I will never get another relaxer...i'm just anxious for my natural hair to grow. =D I hope this helped.
Rocking a TWA!
Hair Type: 4a, I think
Still working on my hair regimen
Clarifying: Giovanni 50-50
Co-Wash: Tresemme Remoisturize Conditioner
DC: MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask
LI: KCKT/Mixed Silk
Moisturizer: Water, now trying Qhemet BRBC
Sealing: Jojoba oil, shea butter or burnt sugar pomade
Styling: EcoStyler