Maybe the haters can get their own "low porosity haters", "high porosity haters", "protein sensitive haters"...or just a general topic for haters who haven't hated enough today. Do this: there please.

Just when I thought I'd figured out which forums to stay out of to keep away from all that toxic bs, it rears it's ugly head in a perfectly innocent thread...sheesh!

Great video FeralFeminista - thanks!!!
Originally Posted by kasden
To the first bold - I second that.

To the second bold - When I unexpectedly encounter a hate thread or a hate forum I leave feeling kind of sad, frustrated, angry, and depressed all at once. That's why I needed my Kat Williams hater analysis fix.

To the third bold - YW, Kasden. I love Katt Williams. Gives such great summaries of typical psychological processes. I like the analysis he gives of Women who are unhappy with their stretch marks from pregnancy. So simple and so perfect.
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