Hi there, I am so sorry hear that you are going through this rough time. I don't know if I will be any help, but I can offer what do when at times my hair goes through excessive shedding.

I pretty much leave my hair alone all together. I usually find a low manipulation style to keep my hair in. I usually go for some twist or maybe you wear you hair in a bun, if its long enough.

I keep my hair moisturized because mines gets dry every easily, too. So I usually take a spray bottle and dampen my twist with water or rinse them under the shower head and put some oil or butter over them to seal in the moisture.

I hear some ladies had success with tea rinses also to combat the excessive shedding. I stopped mines in its trail with iron tablets. My iron was extremely low and my hair suffered because of it.

HTH in some sort of way. =(
I Halibel

, 4a/b

Wet Hair

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