Hello All! I am VERY new to transitioning. My last relaxer was on 01/16/2011, which was about 3 going on 4 weeks ago. I am SO very excited to be long term transitioning! Just wondering if anyone has suggestions, comments, etc?<---Things that will help me complete a successful transitioning?
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Stick with it. I've only been transitioning for about 5 months. And sometimes it can be hard...but only because hair is hair...it does what it wants some days.

This place && youtube keep me going strong. There are a lot of videos and what not showing you how to do protective styles with low-to-no manipulation. They also show other girls throughout their hair journey and products they use.

Youtube channels: NikkiMae2003 , jerseystylezz , KandeeLovesYa , msvaughn , prettydimples01 , seemyhealthyhair and SOOOOOOOOOO MANY MORE! All these girls on youtube are SUCH an inspiration to me! Some did do the big chop but there are a lot who are long term transitioners!

I have learned a lot about my hair even though I do get frustrated as from the earlier post that I posted. lol but I will never get another relaxer...i'm just anxious for my natural hair to grow. =D I hope this helped.
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Thanks for the info! I have been watching youtubes and researching online so I think I am on the right track. I'm pretty confident about this. I don't have much new growth but I do see some up there. I have been moisturizing like crazy and mostly wear braid outs. My hair is a 4a, I think. Its very fine and can break very easily if it's not managed well. I'm just still so excited about the entire process! It's nice to have people that support you and that can relate to you on forums such as this. Thanks again!