I ADORE these books, and can see both sides of loving/hating the last book...I was pleased with her choice at the end, and it was very emotional and realistic seeing her go back to "normal life" but it never becomes truly normal ever again. I thought Katniss did turn pretty *****y at the end, and with there had been more closure with Gale. I felt she put ALL the blame for Prim's death on his shoulders and that wasn't fair, he didn't do it on purpose! I did like that the message of war and the sick pleasure of people viewing it wasn't toned down..especially in the first book I had the creepiest feeling of how easily we could turn into Panem. I think the movie will be incredible!!
"Yo, James, i'm really happy for you, i'm gonna let you finish killing Bella in a minute, but Demetri was one of the best Trackers of ALL time!"