Thank you for both of your replies.

I've never heard of Auromere soap before, I'm going to go look that up now.

Alas, I think I am done with my shampoo bars for now. Hopefully, I can revisit them when my hair is in better shape. They seem to leave my hair dull-looking. Maybe I need to up my acv ratio.

Also, I have noticed a ton more halo frizz. Is it new growth or breakage? Can't tell. If it is breakage, I guess it could be from plopping, I think I started doing that about the same time I started using the poo bars. My hair is so fine and fragile!
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Yes, do revisit them if you get the urge. Also, please remember that your hair will respond differently to some bars than others. I had the dull-looking thing happen with one brand of shampoo bars (all of their bars) and I only tried the Auromere bars because I was traveling and my products were damaged in transit. I had previously sworn off bars but was staying in a hotel owned by people who provided some ayurvedic bars and I loved them. They had the same ingredients as the Auromere bars, plus the Auromere bars had the ingredients to keep my scalp healthy.

I swear being curly is a dang hit-or-miss with the products.
4a/3c curls
Fine strands, not as densely-placed as I would like
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