What are some good stretchy headbands that stay put? I've been really frustrated when I've tried material/stretchy headbands. They start off okay for an hour or so, then they move too far back like they want to make a ponytail with my hair. When I use thicker material, it sort of lifts the hair at the nape of my neck up and away from my head, making a weird looking/feeling bulge there. Since my hair is thin and fine, should I try the ones that are about as thick as a ponytail holder? I've never tried those before because they looked dinky, but maybe that's what I need.
Location: Texas
Type: 3b/3c (i), below shoulder length.
CO wash: A-O GPB LYY, Desert Essence Coconut, Oribe Silverati
Leave-ins: Curl Junkie Beauti-Curls, KCKT, cno overnight
Styling: BRHG, MGA Sculpting Gel, A-O Mandarin Magic Gel, LOTD AVG, LALSG, CJ Pattern Pusha
DT: Curl Junkie Deep Fix, Briogeo Don't Despair Repair!