This section of the forums is kinda a downer. Who has some kind of victory to share? Even a small one like avoiding the cookies calling your name in the pantry when you are PMSing and REALLY want something sweet. Or fitting into something you couldn't before. Anything! We need to stay positive!

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to NYC for a valentine's weekend...well, I ate like CRAP, but my bf took this picture of me and I actually looked at it and thought for the first time ever "OMG I LOOK SKINNY!!!!"

I started losing weight last year (2010) in January when I weighed about 245lbs (I am 5'5'' for reference) is my obligatory horrible fat picture from when I was in a friend's wedding.

And here is the picture from this weekend at 187.5lbs, a 56 pound loss so far! (Ignore the hair...we were walking around the windy city all day!)

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