I'm so glad to find fellow curlies who feel the same way about Graham Webb Making Waves Curl Defining Texturizer. When I found out they really discontinued the product, I literally felt sick to my stomach. I cannot even count the number of different products I have tried that are 'specially formulated' for curly hair, only to be disappointed again and again and AGAIN.

How could they do this?????? My PERFECT formula was a good squeeze of Making Waves, with a slightly smaller amount of the Silk Protein Leave In Conditioner....no kidding I could go to DAY 4 or (pushing it) even DAY 5 "dirty" and it would still look nice.

I will definitely be contacting Graham Webb. Probably won't do much good, but maybe just maybe if they hear from enough of us, they might reconsider. I'd make it at home if I could!