I just picked up some Jojoba and Avacado oils on Sunday and have been using them since. I used to use KBB's hair oil- three drops every day added to my leave in and it made a HUGE difference. But after it going bad twice on me, and being as costly as it was, I decided to hunt for something on the ground that was cheaper.

WOW am I glad I did! As to mixing oils, I've been playing around with mixing jojoba, coconut, and avacado oils in varying amounts and it's working great. The coconut oil is really heavy for me though, so I've been leaning towards the jojoba and avacado mixed. So far both are really great. I have a burn mark on my arm from last week that's getting ugly, and no lotion so far has helped- but jojoba and coconut mixed together have been keeping the scar soft and moisturized, and less grandma looking!

I'm going to start adding this stuff to my leave ins again, because I really do think that made a huge difference in my hair's condition- my hair condition just hasn't been the same since I stopped using the KBB oil awhile ago.

Do any of you add Essential Oils to your jojoba for a nice scent? My jojoba (Desert Essence) and avacado (NOW brand) are free of scents, but I'd like to add something in with them that won't take away from their moisture. I was thinking a lime or tangerine EO because I really like fruity smells, but I'm wondering if these could possibly have a drying effect.
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