I read about this this morning, went out and spent $9 at Trader Joe's for Jojoba and Tea Tree Oils, and just massaged it the mix into my scalp. I have suuuuper thick hair, so it took about twice as much as you suggested, but I am hopeful that this will help my dry flaky scalp. So far, I love the light scent of the tea tree, and my fingers feel wonderfully moisturized. I'll re-post with results after a few days of treatment!
Curl Type: 3a/3b mix
Hair Texture: Thick, smooth, elastic; medium porosity
Hair Length: between the shoulder blades

My hair likes: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle; FOTE/Aloe Vera Gel; Aussie Sprunch.

Currently Battling: dry, itchy scalp (and skin in general)