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Strand Texture: mostly med; fine nape; some coarse on crown
Curl Pattern: 2c
Density: thick
Porosity Pattern: roots to midshaft mostly normal, midshaft to ends porous, many of my white hairs are porous throughout
Elasticity: normal, variable, white hairs tend to be less elastic
Characteristics: root waves/curl with upside down drying / other encouragement. crown easily weighed down, the rest not at all.

CG: Though some products have soluble cones. Not opposed to occasional SLES poo, but have not done one this year.
Hard water or soft water: on-nozzle carbon shower water filtered (HG)
Average climate/dew points: High DP most of the year, some low in winter, and some med in fall and late winter

Protein section:
Do you PT? If so how often? Yes, when overly elastic. Thinking about increasing to weekly regardless of elasticity.
How long? 1 hour.
PT with heat or steam? no
Favorite PTs: SSRPT, food
Favorite products that contain protein? Conditioners: Darcy's PSMC, JCTS. Styling products: Ecostyler Krystal.
Proteins your hair likes?
Any protein
Proteins your hair dislikes? no

Moisture section:
Do you DT? If so, how often? Not really DT, but do apply conditioner near start of shower routine and leave it in until the final rinse
How long? 3-15 minutes.
DT with heat or steam? after cowashing and rinsing in warm water, squeeze out as much water as possible with hands, then apply conditioner; shower is warm and steamy in cool season
Favorite DTs: Darcy's PSMC, JCTS, AOHR
Favorite products to moisturize your hair: Conditioners: Darcy's PSMC, JCTS, AOHR
Ingredient likes: behentrimonium methosulfate, non-penetrating oils / butters (shea, sunflower oil, etc.), some agave nectar
Ingredient dislikes: glycerin and other humectants when dew point is high
Do you seal? If so, what do you use to seal? Not really, but use a LI with oil or polyquats, SOTC and smooth hair with sunflower oil

Do you avoid humectants? If so, which humectants do you avoid? Do you avoid them at all dew points or only certain dew points?
Limiting glycerin, panthenol, propylene glycol, and most other humectants when dew point is over 70 or below 30. Still use some agave nectar or other sweets at all dews.

Low dew point combos:

Cowash: Free&Clear Co or CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Co/Li: prefer w/protein: JCTS, DBPSMC, AOHR; but also: LustraSM, CJCR
Style: FSG+little bit of agave nectar, BRHG
Smaster/damp smooth (sometimes): KCCC
SOTC: sunflower oil
Refresh: FSG, Alba soft hold CC

Normal dew point combos:
Same as low or high, but add:
Li: Mop LI
Style: FSG+more agave nectar, Ecostyler Krystal, Free&Clear Gel
Refresh: Darcy's pomade

High dew point combos:
Same as low. Experimenting.

HG/Go-to Products:
FSG+agave, BRHG, DBPSMC, JCTS, shower water filter (carbon, screw-on)

Name the methods, techniques, and tricks that work for your porous hair?
FSG root to tip, squeezing water out before applying conditioner, press water out after styler with smooth cloth held in FLAT hand, refresh with curl cream (moisture + definition + frizz smooth) or FSG (definition + frizz smooth), SOTC and reshine with non-penetrating oil, usually smooth with non-penetrating oil before bedtime pineapple, protein
m-c iii-ii | loose spirals with ringlets

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