The shampoo has sodium laureth sulfate but feels very gentle. I like it. The rinse out conditioner is okay (not bad, but it isn't remarkable). The leave-in/refiner conditioner that SegB just mentioned is wonderful. I like it. It does have amodimethicone, which my hair loves.
I haven't tried anything else from the FreshCurls line, so I cannot say whether they are good or bad.
The leave-in/refiner is creamy, very creamy. I use it on freshly washed, wet hair...I scrunch to encourage curl, then I let it airdry. Later, I scrunch it isn't crunchy, but it helps to take away the wet look. I don't use any stylers (no gel), so I just use the leave-in as my styler (like a curl cream, I guess)...and that's it. My hair responds well...its shiny, reduces frizz, smells good, light (not producty). If its windy outside, I'll use a little hairspray (but that's rare).

I find this helps me with "second day" hair. In the morning, I spray my hair with a different leave-in and lightly scrunch my hair...and voila! It doesn't look exactly like the first day hair, but still looks good.
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What is amodimethicone? Can you wash it out with water?
as of 6/12/11.

COwash- Suave Juicy Apple.
Rinse-out- VO5 Passion Fruit Moisture Milks.

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