It's so interesting how everyone's hair reacts differently...I tried the Redken Ringlet and could NOT get it to work for me. Always a frizzy, limp mess. I find the Refiner very creamy and it has some hold to it...I don't have to use a lot to get it to work.

Fairewood- I meant to say that I am usually sensitive to wheat protein but do fine with the Refiner.

In my Avatar I have the Refiner with CIAB layered on top. That was my go to combo in the fall.
2b/3a, normal/high porosity, fine/medium texture, medium density, low elasticity

Low Poo- Tigi Colour Goddess, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT (clarify 1X/week)
Condish- CJ Curl Rehab, Giovanni 50:50, Giovanni TTT
Leave In- Slip Detangler, KCKT, Redken Curl Refiner
Treatment- CJ Repair Me! and CJ CR

Dislikes: Too much protein, high glycerin content, and heavy oils