I agree that ringlet doesn't do much by itself. That's why I like it on day 2 because it's so light, but just a little more product than water to reactivate curls but doesn't make my hair feel heavy if I use day 1 type products. I don't always use it, but like it better than the heavy refiner.

My new HG which is kind of similar in function to the refiner is aveda's be curly style prep. This is a leave in that's a cream, enhances curl, gives definition and more uniform curl, anti frizz and even has a little hold. It has replaced my curl cream (aveda's be curly enhancer) and it is also CG and has no nasty parabens and other junk that redken hasn't replaced yet.

3a (
with 3b)
Fine texture/
Normal porosity/Medium density
Low Poo
(Aveda's damage remedy); Styling: Aveda's: Color Conserve Daily leave in+ Be Curly Style Prep+ Phomollient (mixed w/ Defining Whip)
Finishing: Aveda's Texturizing Creme or Defining Whip; Eufora Pure Polish Drops
Aveda's Madder Root condish+Clove condish