The top two things that annoy me are people who tell me I have "poofy, puffy hair" or ask me if I ever straighten my hair. The former annoys me because I honestly just think it's so out of line to comment on someone's personal appearance if you don't have anything nice to say. Did I ask you to say something about my hair? What if I walked up to you and said your hair looks flyaway and limp or frizzy? It wouldn't be so nice, would it? And the claims that people can't see the chalkboard because of my "poofy hair" drive me nuts. I know you're just saying that to be a jerk, so kindly shut up. And obviously, when people ask if I ever straighten my hair it annoys me because I'd straighten my hair if I wanted to. So no, I don't ever straighten my hair, genius.


medium texture, high porosity
fan of GFTN and krystal ecostyler