ok so i was reading a post by SBB and used some of her methods for a trial run with this jane carter condition and sculpt. I dont like how watery this stuff is so i will be trying this method again but with another curling product

I cowashed , then oil rinsed, then conditioned my hair, rinsed the conditioner out, then added my leave in and added a little nourish and shine on my ends, then added the condition and sculpt. I give this method 5 napps up, next time i will skip the oil rinse though as I only do those every now and again.

My hair isnt as crunchy, matter of fact, its just a light hold, my hair is frizzy in the front but thats simply because i didnt smooth this stuff in. it was hard to work with because its so watery.

Tomorrow i will try the final step with a gel instead.