The issues of balancing the budget have been overhyped when it comes to how much union members take up the money.

Don't be fooled: Wisconsin's budget woes are real - How the World Works -

This is nothing but straight union busting. As was said in another thread about this, the main reason we have things like a minimum wage, a standard 40 hour work week, and other safety and workers rights laws in place was because of the union movement. While they can have their downsides, as a whole, unions have been more beneficial to workers than not. We shouldn't have to become a country where we all make minimum wage with no benefits just so wealthy business owners can just become that much more wealthy. We don't need the Wal-Martification of America.

To ask for a greater contribution to insurance and pension plans is mostly reasonable. To get rid of collective bargaining altogether is ridiculous. you may as well roll over and take it in the ass at that point.
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