I just found out I am normal porosity. Tiffany suggested I use protein conditioners every third time. But I'm not really sure how to know which products have protein and which don't. Obviously, if it says protein on the bottle or in the ingredients I know it does, but are there some products that could have protein without it saying on the bottle?

Axed the perpetual ponytail and went curly on 1/6/2011.
Hair Properties: 3a/b, fine-medium texture, thick density, normal porosity.
Location: FL
Still experimenting with
products and routine.
So far, I like: FSG, GTTTT, V05 Conditioners, protein treatments, this towel.

"Well, as soon as we get ourselves cleaned up and we get a little smellum in our hair, why, we're gonna feel 100% better about ourselves and about life in general." - Ulysses Everett McGill