My dad works for our public museum. Even though he's *highly* qualified to be a full-time projectionist for IMAX theatre, they won't hire him full-time because that means union, which means the museum loses a bunch of their control. So a bunch of people get a bunch of part-time jobs so that the museum can avoid the union. My BIL got a temp job working in the WE-Energies cafeteria. He is a supervisor, yet he cannot do *anything* but supervise. Per union rules, he cannot "do any work that rightfully belongs to a union employee". He was essentially told that if so much as a slice of bread falls on the floor, he needs to direct a union employee to pick it up. He cannot do it himself, period. I think unions have their good points, but they have too much power.

Our state IS broke. If a little busting-down of union power is what it takes to fix it, then so be it. Time will tell. And this is from someone who used to be a union worker.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.