I'm a state employee. Last year was the first time I ever had a monthly premium for health insurance. At $50, I know it's a good deal. As of last summer, I'm contributing more to my pension and healthcare for retirement. It's common sense that it had to be done. My cousin works for the state in Wisconsin and is happy to pay more for insurance and pension. It's the union busting that has him and his family protesting in Madison.

I'm no union fan by and large, but if you have one, respect its role. Respect the truth and don't tack union busting on to a seroius budget discussion.
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If all union employees dealt with the pension and health insurance debacle the way you are, then there might not be the problem there is. $50 for health insurance is darn cheap compared to what I pay, but at least you are paying something. Your attitude is much better than most public employees.