I really don't like to layer up or combo products.

My #1 favorite product is Curls Rock Amplifier.
#2 is KCCC that I bought on the swap board. It's good but I wouldn't pay full price for it.
#3 is probably Garnier Soft Curls Cream.

I rotate around which product I'm going to use and only use one at a time. I'm a simple person: after squeezing out the extra water in my hair, I rake or comb through product. Sometime I diffues, usually I just air dry.
If I don't touch my hair, get it caught in my purse, or hung on the seatbeat, then my curls stay pretty defined all day.
No more PJ tendencies. Tigi Curls Rock Curl Amplifier is the best thing to make my curls rock all day! Next best are KCCC and Re:Coil +HE TT Gel.