My friend saying this to my other friend....

"upset.. all of this natural talk... everybody all of a sudden wants to wear there her natural and curly.. and thats ok..i say go for it.. but i did it FOREVER ago... and its cool for a couple ppl to do-- i think tiaras [me] short hair is cute.... but y everybody wanna steal my hair style... :/ i feel like they're stealing my individuality lol..."

I feel like that was kind of rude...and when she said she did it forever ago, she's been natural about 4 years. But I feel like it was rude because she makes it seem like I was following her... or other people are following her...when in reality...people go natural for different reasons, not because they want to be like other people...

I feel like saying that is like saying...I started working out 4 years ago all of a sudden everybody wants to lose weight. lol...I mean she isn't the first person to go natural....

Ok, I'm done ranting lol.
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