Curl Pattern:
Density: thin to medium
Elasticity: low to normal
Characteristics: some root curl, easily weighed down, little shrinkage

CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod CG
Hard water or soft water: soft water
Average climate/dew points:

Protein section:
Do you PT? If so how often? Usually no protein.
How long?

PT with heat or steam?
Favorite PTs:
Favorite products that contain protein?
Proteins your hair likes?
Proteins your hair dislikes? most proteins

Moisture section:
Do you DT? If so, how often?
How long?
15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.
DT with heat or steam?
Favorite DTs:
Favorite products to moisturize your hair:
Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea
Ingredient likes: jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil
Ingredient dislikes: shea butter, glycerin, mag. sulfate
Do you seal? If so, what do you use to seal? rose hip seed oil

Do you avoid humectants?
Yes If so, which humectants do you avoid? Glycerin Do you avoid them at all dew points or only certain dew points?
I don't pay any attention to dew points.

Low dew point combos:
Normal dew point combos:
High dew point combos:

HG/Go-to Products: up to 5 products that are constantly in your rotation

Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea Shampoo
Natures Gate Asian Pear & Red Tea Conditioner
VO5 Mango Smoothie Moisture Milk Conditioner as co-wash
Proclaim Crystal Ice Gel with several drops of jojoba oil
Rose Hip Seed Oil

Name the methods, techniques, and tricks that work for your porous hair.
Usually oil hair with jojoba or macadamia nut oil before co-washing. Use rose hip seed oil after washing.
Willow Moon
3a, thin, fine, porous
Tresemme Radiant Volume for Co-Wash
Suave Mango Mandarin for Co-Wash
Rosehip Seed Oil 5 drops after Co-Wash
White Rain Hair Spray when hair is damp/dry