I just realized I never posted here to tell you how much I love your PT recipe, IAgirl, even though in other threads I have sung the praises of your PT.

This is my recipe, tweaked to my hair, and it's been working great:

1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of coconut milk
1 packet of gelatin
1/8 ts of ACV
a little avocado oil (did not measure)
a little conditioner

With this recipe, I don't even need to use any conditioner afterward to detangle my hair, it just doesn't get hard or straw-like. My hair is shiny and much stronger, so thank you ever so much!

I don't use heat, been afraid to use heat on my very heat sensitive hair, but I'm going to definitely give it a go next time. How do you all do this, I mean how do you keep it from dripping all over, or do you use a shower cap or something like that? Would using a cap make applying heat less effective?

I'm going to have to try it with banana, Pedaheh, your recipe looks intriguing.
Originally Posted by nikske
This recipe sounds perfect for my hair! Do you think it will tighten my curls (which are barely even curls anymore) I read somewhere to make you hair curlier and bouncy-er you should do a PT... is that what it did for your hair??
Someone help me make my hair look like Merida from Brave that's all I want.