A sad bit of forgotten/unpublicized civil rights history. Will she ever get justice? It's been over 50 years..

Recy Taylor: A Symbol of Jim Crow's Forgotten Horror

It's unclear what legal options the family has today, but because Alabama has no statute of limitations on rape, McGuire posits that Taylor's case could potentially be reopened if the assailants are still alive. "There may be a possibility that they could sue the county or sheriff's department for obstruction of justice, given the cover-up," she said. "A creative attorney could certainly find a way."
I guess she was "asking for it" since she was a black woman walking home minding her business after church with a group of friends. /sarcasm
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That...is absolutely, terribly disgusting.
That poor woman. Having to live with that all these years, and nothing being done to those men...I can't even.

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