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When a curly first comes to NC.com, the first thing they see is the "Find your hair type" bar at the top. This results is a lot of newbies posting "What's my hair type?!" over and over again. They often ask because they feel as if finding their curl pattern will unlock all the mysteries of curly haircare and reveal the right products for them. This mentality is further supported by the fact that curlmart has different "hair baskets" for 2a, 3b, 4a etc.

In my understanding, determining hair pattern is useful in two main ways:
1. Understanding how easily sebum can travel down your hair shaft, if at all.

2. Limited product help. For example, a wavie might be looking for "curl enhancement" but a tight curly might be looking for "elongation."

Aside from these two main points, hair properties (texture, porosity, density) determine what products a curly needs.

I personally find the "curl baskets" to be misleading. A 2b can have coarse hair, and a 4b can have fine hair. That texture difference is what determines how much protein they would be able to tolerate - not their curl pattern. It is assumed that certain curl patterns have certain hair properties, which is not only confusing, but also incorrect.

I just wanted to bring this issue to your attention, because I believe it is causing a tremendous amount of unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding for the new curlies.

Thanks for your time!

ETA: I just remembered the wonderful "start here" thread: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...tart-here.html. I wish this information were as apparent as the curl pattern bar.

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