Maybe compromise with yourself, to see if cutting is really the solution? Try a trim up to about APL or shoulder-length first. ("Trim", she says--more like whacking off a few inches...) Going BSL to jawline is a real shock to the system. I only did it after a solid ten years of not knowing my own hair colour, and that took some planning. (Dyed it close to what I suspected was my natural brown, then grew it for half a year, then whacked it off around the chin, then had a pixie cut to get rid of the rest of the old stuff. Whew!)
s t a r l e t :: @ Fotki
goals apl :: no more frizz! :: 2nd day hair (yeah, I know)
wash giovanni TTTT
condition burt's bees more moisture
leave in/gel nivea essentially enriched body lotion (!) :: tresemmé tres gel
can't do heat styling :: no-poo (yet)