SO I know I'm revitalizing an old thread, but after reading this all of yesterday I ran to my local Sally's and picked up the olive oil Lustrasilk ready to give it a try as a LI. However, I realized that the dewpoints here were already into the 40s, so I held off. I also experimented w/ using the pixie method of diffusing after letting my hair dry 75-80%-I usually don't diffuse at all, but wanted more volume.

What I didn't realize was that a massive storm was rolling in last night and I woke up to 80% humidity! SO I ended up using the wrong products anyway, but my hair wasn't bad. I had a lot of volume and tons of tight corkscrews and spirals. But I did have some curls that just frizzed out and wouldn't do anything!

After several attempts to fix the problem, I opened up the Lustrasilk and took the smallest amount onto my fingers and then smoothed over the frizz sections and recurled the wacky curls. It really did an amazing job! I can't wait to try this again when I don't have so much product in my hair (as I said I tried a few methods b/f reaching for the Lustrasilk).

I'm swimming now several times a week so I think I'll try it as a pre-wash and if the temps dip again b/f spring I'll try it as a LI.