The ending made me cry!!!

It was so touching and perfect - but I really wish Nat hadn't died! Even though it was the only way to end it all (but I was secretly hoping Nat and Kitty would get together!)

Also Kitty's situation upset me - she gave her life as well really - as she's now an old lady and all alone!

I want Nat back - and Bartimaeus! I knew they would join together in this one - their relationship was just perfect - especially at the end when Bart was willing to die alongside him but Nat saved him. I knew they loved each other all along!

And loved Bart's bond with Kitty (him kissing her on the forehead was so cute) and Im sad we didn't get to see more of a development between the 3 of them, working together and see their trust growing.

Im all restless now. I always get like this after a good book - I cant settle to anything!