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I recommend Meow Mineral Makeup.

I've tried various drug store brands and also Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals and my skin hated all of them. Breakouts; oily skin very quickly after application; my pores looked HUGE; plus over the course of a day it did not wear well at all. I always looked bad within hours of using these. Plus the makeup felt very thick/heavy on my skin.

On the recommendation of (I think) someone here I tried Meow Cosmetics mineral makeup. I really like this stuff and it wears really well. I've had no breakouts from it. It doesn't seem to make me oilier like the others did and best of all it has no preservatives, no silica, no parabens and no bismuth. It's pretty much pure minerals and non-comedogenic. You also don't have to swirl and buff it on like the others so the process of applying is gentle. I have Rosacea so I have to be really gentle with my skin. I use a big puffy brush and just dab it on. The other good things about this company are: they sell samples for $1 so you can try different colors to get one that will work for you without breaking the bank (Love that!) and they have two different formulas. One lighter and one heavier for days when you need more coverage. I found the color that work for me and then bought that color in both types of coverage. On bad skin days I can break out the heavy stuff and it really makes me feel better going out in the world.

I love this stuff and highly recommend it.

ETA: http://www.meowcosmetics.com/
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