I sent her 2 messages--no word. And I just checked her Etsy site--nothing there about the gels. I'm down to about a day's worth-and it's my HG.

UGH!!!!!!! I really hope it goes back up for sale on her site. I'm in love with the stuff...just tried it for the first time and I'm having the best hair days I've ever had!
Hair type: 2c/3a ii, medium/coarse, desert hair
Cleansers: CJ Daily Fix
Conditioners: CJ Beauticurls Argan Oil, Tresemme
Leave-In Conditioners: CJ BCLI
Deep Conditioners: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Deep Fix, SS DDMT


Holding Gels: CJ Curl Queen
Pomade: Jane Carter N&S
Hair Likes: agave nectar, oils of any kind