Wow... thats some great info thank you ladies so much! So since coconut oil is kinda like a protein treatment should we treat it as one? If we do a hot coconut oil treatment then right after to a moisturizing treatment? Oh and I never understood why if protein treatments strengthen your hair then why does hair start breakin off afterwards? Doesnt that defeat the point? Thanks again!
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Too much protein will cause hair to break because the strands become stiff from strengthening themselves from the protein. This is why it is advised to follow up protein treatments with moisture. It's the same as if you lifted weights all of the time w/o stretching. Your body becomes rigid and lacks the flexibility needed to prevent injury. It's the same with hair. The protein is the muscle, the moisture is the flexibility, and the injury is breakage.
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D*mn I swear there is always something new to learn every day.. because now as I reflect I realize that my hair did its best when I was using coconut oil. Perhaps it just needed more protein!

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