I've been thinned, hacked, you know had my hair butchered every way possible! This thread should be a sticky. I just had my hair flat ironed for the first time. I feel like I have no hair. Its not nearly as thick as I thought. Its been over a year since my last cut. The sides were way too short and I've been trimming the bottom off and waiting on them to grow in. Since I've been cutting out the layers and possibly the thinned stuff, I am looking less like Cousin IT. I tell them I want to keep the length, they layer it then cut it to bra length. (As if they can't possibly do anything longer.) They wonder why they see so little of me. It takes a year to get back to where I started! I so want a cool cut but this hasn't ever ended well except for on rare occasions. I am going to study this and see if I can get the guts to find and try yet another stylist. I've just been parting it in back and pulling over my shoulders and trimming it off straight at about the bottom of my bra strap in front. As the layered stuff gets cut and its thicker at the bottom, I think it looks healthier. There is no point or straggly hairs , its gently rounded. Maybe I should just keep this up until I'm getting the layered part out of the sides or it starts to look bottom heavy?
Update: I cut myself some tiny bangs and I can go longer between finding a stylist now. My last haircut turned out so bad my sister suggested a smaller town and that I pay the stylist to cut a wig before letting her at my own precious hair!

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