I got tired of the shine I was getting in my Jane Iredale loose powder, and the color I had been using was starting too look a little off for my skintone.

I have just started playing with Illuminare' liquid mineral makeup. It comes in 3 finishes -- dewy, semi-matte and matte. They have a sampler of 3 of their "best selling shades" in all 3 finishes, for $10. If, by chance, you might be their Sienna Sun color, let me know. That shade is definitely too dark for me (I haven't even broken the seal on the samples). If the shade can work for you, PM me and I will be glad to send you the 3 samples in that shade.
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Ya'll are the first here I've ever "heard" mention Illuminare - no one's ever seemed to have heard of it when I've mentioned it a couple of times - I was just about to suggest it.

I definitely recommend the sampler first, but it sounds like you might be a Portofino Porcelain, CurlyPearl. They do also have an even lighter Amalfi Alabaster, but it doesn't come in the sample kit.
I'm quite fair, but I can get away with Florentine Fair if I blend carefully.

The Ultimate All Day forumla is quite matte and takes a little practice blending it before it sets. The Extra Coverage Concealing formula is what I usually use because it covers my brown spots and broken capillaries better yet is still not shiny/frosty/dewy.

Illuminare Liquid Mineral Cosmetics

Their blush is good, too. I like having a non-powder option. Haven't been able to use creams/gels/liquids in years without undoing the concealing job I'd just completed, however, this works well over their own foundation without doing that. Very natural looking.

I really like Meow foundation, too - that's what I was using before Illuminare. I just went looking for a cream or liquid mineral foundation because I was tired of the powder mess and happened on Illuminare several months ago.

My roseacea and seborrheic dermatitis are both happy with it. My only complaint about it is that even with the most matte formula my still-oily 54-year-old skin gets a bit shiny if I don't use a little pressed mineral powder over it to set it - I'd hoped to get away from powder altogether, but just blotting isn't enough for me - YMMV. I don't recommend the Fantastic Finish moisturizing fomula at all if you have oily or combination skin.
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