The curly girl method will definitely make huge difference in how your curls look. You need to go ahead and read up what to do do to it and not do to it while it's air drying. Like do finger-comb, do not brush, do scrunch, do plop. You need to try these methods without any product except maybe a leave in conditioner and see where your hair is actually. Step away from the blow-drier! I've never been completely free of silicons and sulfates but I have given up on heat styling and tried finger combing and leave in conditioner. It makes such a difference just the styling differently when its drying, I could do a before and after pic. By the way my hair texture has changed a lot since I was a child. This is just something that happens over time to a lot of people. I saw a picture the other day of my wavy daughter when she was small with baby curls everywhere. Can I make her hair do that again?, nope her hair changed. Its way more important whether you use a brush or a comb now than what it looked like in the past. What you do to your wet hair while its drying is my number one question. I can go from curl to wave to frizz just based on what I do to my wet hair, that's why I'm asking the question.

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