Curl Pattern: 2b on top,2c and 3a underneath and sometimes around face
Texture: coarse
Porosity: med...I think,takes long time to dry but is bumpy when I run finger over strand
Density: thick
Elasticity: low, normal, high
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl,frizzy without product,bad uneven weird proportion idk what else to list..

CG/ModCG/not CG:not yet,but want to be

Hair ingredient likes: idk yet
Hair ingredient dislikes: idk yet

Hard/Soft Water:HARD definitely

HG/Go-to Products: still looking for right products,right now just using gel/mousse
Average climate/dew points: changes with seasons hot and humid in Summer cold in Winter...

Fall/Winter combos:none yet
Spring/Summer combos:none yet

Favorite styling techniques and why:scrunching works for me,my hair needs curl definition or it's just frizzy and ugly, drying with t-shirt,
Techniques that didnít work and why:plopping makes weird curls and flat in some places full in others,twisting thing makes tiny dreads,many things don't work for my hair

Hair Twins:I no no

will edit later...