I was about to respond to this with all kinds of products and techniques, and then I had to check myself. Vitamins alone won't do it.

I've been taking MSM, bitotin (5mg), and a multi vitamin everyday for the past 7 months and i have not noticed great improvement in my hair length. I added horestail shave grass to the mix 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I was mid back this time last year and I'm still mid back. lol. I mean, my nails are growing nicely and much stronger ( which means manicures that really do last 7 days), but I have little to no length retention. The ONLY time i get length retention is when I weave. yup. when i sew it up for 2 months and really only shampoo and condition my leave out, then and only then do I see a whopping 3 inches of growth in 2 months time and no breakage so the length retention is on point.

Here's what I have noticed though. In the past, when I'd take out my weave I would find that after two months of let's say bunning my hair and no heat, that length that I had gained with the weave would seemingly disappear. Yeah, even with no heat and low manipulation...anyhoo, so the fact that I'm not losing any length tells me I'm on the right track. i just need to find a regimen that is works.

I've set up a little challenge for myself to keep up with the following regimen for the next 3 months. Then, I will straighten my hair and see how far I've come. Feel free to join me:

So far, my hair is liking ayurvedic oils ( which Indians swear by and so too many naturals.)

Biotique Bhringraj (ayurvedic) oil is an amazing daily/pree poo oil. Mix with honey and then cowash with nature's gate hemp conditioner ( 1-2xs a week)

DC of choice

Daily sealing with Jamaican castor oil.

I'll post reviews in 3 months!