Thanks, everyone! I have always been pretty fanatical about my hair - even when I was (unknowingly) harming it with sulfates. So, going CG was just a change of ingredients for me. I already spent tons of time on it. When that older photo was taken, I had been CG for about 2 weeks. And that was probably my best curl day. I struggled like everyone else in the beginning. And I continued to struggle until I knew my hair properties and followed the Curl Wizard suggestions. I can't say ALL my days were bad hair days back then. But, most of them were. I was just as frustrated as some of the super-newbies I've seen here lately. I think that was the reason I felt compelled to make this post. I know what it's like to struggle with products and methods, too. But, I don't mind trying things and re-trying them to see if they work out using a different method or with different product combos.

WnW - I don't really have any, specific, techniques or methods that I use. I don't plop or do the supersoaker method (although I did use it in that before pic). And I don't do dry it halfway and then add KCCC (can't remember the name of that method). Smasters? Is that the one? Or is Smasters method another thing? See... I don't even remember the names because none of those really worked for me.

One thing that made a difference was backing off on using so many products. In the beginning, I was using everything - leave-in conditioner, curl creme, curl enhancer, and gel. That's MUCH too much for my fine hair. Between the fact that it weighs it down and the fact that my work environment adds dirt, I have to use less product than many girls here use or my hair feels gross by midday.

Because of the crud in the air where I work, I really have to cleanse more often than some people do. I use either CJDF or GTTTT 2 or 3 days a week. I figure, at least they're CG. And I do a PT once every 2 weeks or so. I did one yesterday - and that's part of the reason my hair came out so nice today. I always get good results the day after a PT.

But, again - the best thing I've done was have the analysis done (Curl Wizard Premium). That's what helped point me in the right direction with products. It's how I found out that my hair loves protein-packed products. And now I'm not afraid to use them. LOL! I actually was in the beginning. No more. CJBSC has to be my absolute favorite conditioner because it's light enough to not weigh down my fine curls, but packed with enough of the protein that my hair loves. So, I get great results with it. Too many products are a no-no. And Deva products are junk (for me). I keep thinking one of them will work for me. Nope. Not one. And, generally speaking, I DON'T co-wash. It does NOTHING for me. The only time I use a conditioner to wash with is when I do a PT. I only use it so I have a vehicle for my baking soda. Other than that, I don't co-wash. There's no point. It just adds weight. I don't need it. Lots of times I just use CJBSC and my styling product(s) or AOHR and my styling product(s). That's IT. Less is more. HTH!
Janet ~ Northern NJ
Properties: Dense, Fine, Low Porosity, Low Elasticity
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Cleansing: Suave Tropical Coconut Condish
Conditioner: CJ Smoothing Condish
Styling: CJCQ