Oh - and one other thing I learned... don't skimp on the products because they cost more. You need what you need. I make sure I get every strand, root to tip, or I get frizz or limp curls. I happen to have a lot of hair. A lot of hair = a lot of product. That's just the way it is. A person with less hair can use less product. I can't.

I apply products upside down when my hair is still dripping wet (I'm still standing in the shower at this point). I don't plop because it does nothing for my curl - at all. The only thing I do is (1) make sure the hair is slathered with product and (2) scrunch it out with my curls like us cloth, and (3) diffuse it on low. I DON'T scrunch it while I'm diffusing - I leave the curls alone until it's 100% dry and then I SOTC if there is any. I didn't get any crunch today with CCCC & CIAB. But, when I use KCCC, I definitely get crunch. I just make sure not to mess with the curls until they're completely dry or it can really mess them up for the rest of the day (BOO! ) ...Learned that one the hard way. LOL!
Janet ~ Northern NJ
Properties: Dense, Fine, Low Porosity, Low Elasticity
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Cleansing: Suave Tropical Coconut Condish
Conditioner: CJ Smoothing Condish
Styling: CJCQ