i second everyone else...your hair is lovely before and after-but wow, your curls really did tighten up! and you have so much shine too. i don't think i realized you didn't co-wash. makes me feel better! i keep trying to but you are right, it adds weight, and my curls can't take it. I have done better skipping wash days or water washing or low-pooing. the same with leave-ins.

you make me want to try curl wizard...but i'm afraid they will tell me i have all the wrong stuff...
Hair type: 3a, fine, porous (too much hair dye on lengths), hennaed
Products i love so far: devacare low-poo, gftn, yes to tomatoes, yes to carrots, burt's bees shea and grapefruit DT, oc, millcreek botanicals biotin conditioner aveda be curly style prep and curl enhancer, cjdf, ciab, bb fsg, bb styling mud, angel, cccclite