i second everyone else...your hair is lovely before and after-but wow, your curls really did tighten up! and you have so much shine too. i don't think i realized you didn't co-wash. makes me feel better! i keep trying to but you are right, it adds weight, and my curls can't take it. I have done better skipping wash days or water washing or low-pooing. the same with leave-ins.

you make me want to try curl wizard...but i'm afraid they will tell me i have all the wrong stuff...
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Ohhh! Don't be afraid! Be happy that you'll find what really works for you! I found that I had a mixture of products - some good; some bad. I just added one at a time until I was comfortable with the ones I had. BEST thing I did along the CG route.

And leave-ins haven't worked well for me almost all winter, aside from a day or two here or there. So, I skip the leave-in almost all the time. The only thing I have in my hair on any normal day is one or maybe two styling products (either a gel or a curl enhancer and a gel - or like today, a curl creme and a gel).
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