HoneyBear requested Curls products beginning of February. I pm'd her. She didn't respond to my initial pm. When she specifically requested a product, I posted that I had it and she should pm me, if interested. She pm'd me about that product and we "discussed" two other products that I had in quart sized bottles. She didn't want the total amount, so we agreed to amounts, pricing and shipping. I repackaged the products in brand new bottles and sent her the final amount with my PayPal info for payment--at her request.

Didn't hear from her in almost a week, so pm'd her. Her mother was hospitalized, she was stressed and wouldn't be home until the weekend. Didn't hear from her for two weeks. Noticed that she was going onto nc.com, so sent her a pm asking her about the products. She sent me an email that said that she couldn't spend money because of her mother's illness and gas prices.

I sent her this pm:

"I'm sorry that you're going through a bad time. I'm even more disappointed that you didn't have the common courtesy to pm me and let me know you were canceling. Instead, I had to sit with your package in my living room for three weeks and contact you about it.

I'm giving serious thought to posting about this experience on the "bad swappers" thread. It's really not the way most of the people on nc.com conduct "business." "

I only wish that I could post the rant that she sent me! Bottom line is that she didn't consider it a swap because she was purchasing the products from me. Felt that she was dealing with a "vendor"--and people cancel orders all of the time or return goods. This was through the nc.com Swap Board for items that she requested!

Aside from the fact that I dealt with personal issues during that time (FIL's hospitalization, surgery and placement in a nursing home, in addition to two surgeries of my own) and still contacted her, I can't understand not treating someone with the courtesy of letting them know you weren't going to follow through in a timely manner. I shouldn't have to "chase" you down, or have your package sitting on the sofa for three weeks.
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